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Experience the Financial Peace and Security You Deserve.

At EM Capital Group, we help people like you make smart decisions with their money by partnering together to acquire multifamily properties so you can experience the financial peace and security you deserve.

Tired of Uncertainty?

Trustworthy and Transparent Investment Partners are Rare.


Your Trusted Partner in Real Estate Investment

EM Capital Group, is your premier partner in acquiring commercial multifamily properties across emerging markets in the US. With a focus on strong cash flow and growth potential, we redefine real estate investment through our values, experience, and community-driven approach.

Building Communities, Engineering Wealth.

Urban buildings


Jake Epstein


“My investments through EM have been a consistent and reliable addition to my portfolio. As time goes on they have become a larger percentage of my entire portfolio because of both outperformance and my confidence in Chris and his team.”

How to get started


Step 1: JOIN

Our first step is to invite you to become a part of our exclusive Investor Community. As a member, you gain access to a community of like-minded individuals seeking outstanding multifamily real estate investment opportunities. By joining the network, you will receive regular updates, insights, and early notifications on new investment possibilities, ensuring you stay informed and ahead in the market.


Step 2: CALL

Once you’ve joined our Investor Community, the next step is to schedule an introductory call with Chris Lento, our founder and managing principal. This personalized conversation allows us to get to know you better, understand your investment objectives, and answer any questions you may have.


Step 3: Invest

As an Investor Network member, you will receive first access to these carefully vetted opportunities, giving you a competitive advantage in securing lucrative deals. Our commitment to providing both cash flow and property appreciation options ensures that you have a diversified portfolio aligned with your financial objectives.

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Build Wealth Through Building Community.

Insights & Reports

Stay informed with our quarterly reports, offering valuable market insights that guide your investment decisions.

Exclusive News

Get behind-the-scenes access to our latest achievements, milestones, and industry insights.

Early Opportunities

Be ahead of the curve by gaining first access to unique investment opportunities and growth strategies for your portfolio.

Portfolio Updates

Stay connected to the evolution of our property portfolio, receiving updates on transformations, renovations, and overall progress.

Cleo's Corner

Experience heartwarming moments with glimpses of Chris' delightful 6-year-old daughter, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. (Psst! This might just become your favorite part of our monthly newsletter ☺)

Benefits of Joining the EM Capital Community

Elevate Your Real Estate Investments!

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