Chris Lento

Chris Lento


Chris Lento is the managing member of EM Capital LLC and has over 18 years of experience in multifamily real estate investing. Chris is focused on acquiring commercial multifamily apartment complexes in markets across the country that exhibit positive growth trends. He is passionate about the role that well managed, well maintained economic housing can play in helping to alleviate the current housing crisis for middle and low income families. Chris is active in many philanthropic organizations in the Greater Boston Area. Chris serves on the Board of Advocates for Bay Cove Human Services.

at Workbar Back Bay in Boston September 13, 2022.

Ryan Murray

Acquisitions/Asset Management

Introducing Ryan Murray, an accomplished professional with a background in investment banking and a passion for real estate investing. As part of the EM Capital team, Ryan leverages his expertise in acquisitions and asset management to better serve our valued investors. With a master’s degree in finance from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Stonehill College, Ryan’s comprehensive skill set empowers him to identify strategic investment opportunities and drive optimal returns for our investors. Through meticulous financial analysis and a deep understanding of market trends, Ryan maximizes the performance of our portfolio while ensuring investor success.

Macey Belter

Macey Belter

Director of Marketing

Introducing Macey Belter, our seasoned Marketing Director, who brings over a decade of industry expertise to the table. As the founder of AnnDavis Media and Director of Marketing at XSITE Capital Investment, she has a stellar track record of delivering outstanding results through her custom marketing strategies. With a focus on marketing and technology, Macey’s passion lies in developing and executing digital marketing campaigns that foster a loyal community. When she’s not nose-deep in learning the latest marketing trends and technology or growing her nonprofit, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and indulging in her passion for exploring new countries.

Angel Zamora

Angel Zamora

Administrative Assistant

Introducing Angel Zamora, who has honed her organizational and multitasking skills to perfection with over three years of experience in executive assistant roles. Her exceptional attention to detail and ability to handle complex situations with ease makes her an invaluable asset to our operations. Passionate about real estate investing and with a background in entrepreneurship, Angel brings a unique perspective to her role.
Outside of work, she embraces adventure and enjoys exploring new experiences!

Our Residents

Our Customers Are Our Residents

Every business has customers, and multifamily real estate investing is no different. Our customers are our Residents, and we treat them with the respect and value that any good business treats it’s customers.  When you change the language from tenant to resident, it changes your perception of the relationship between your real estate, and the people and families that live there.  Thirty six percent of Americans are life long renters.  Whether our residents are life long renters, or living in our property for a year, we know that this is their home.   We strive to engage with our residents, and establish a community that both improves their daily lives, incentivizes them to stay with us, and hopefully has them recommend us to their friends.


Bay Cove Human Services

Bay Cove Human Services’ partners with people to overcome challenges and realize personal potential. Bay Cove pursues this mission by providing individualized and compassionate services to people facing the challenges associated with developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance use disorders, and homelessness at more than 175 program sites throughout Greater Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts. 


At EM Capital we believe in supporting organizations that are truly helping people.  We do donate to  Bay Cove, and our Founder Chris Lento currently serves on it’s board of Directors.  If you would like to learn more about the amazing work that Bay Cove is doing, check out their website at the link below, and consider donating.

My sister has been attending the Bay Cove Day program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 2003, and it’s been an invaluable part of her life and my families life. As a member of Bay Cove’s Board of Directors, I am constantly impressed with the quality and breadth of services that Bay Cove provides to the most vulnerable people in our society.

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