Introduction to “Proptech”


Introducing a new series by EM Capital – Multifamily Real Estate in the Digital Age.

Issue 1 – Introduction to “Proptech”


The Proptech wave is hitting the real estate industry hard and is escalating due to the pandemic. First, to better understand what Proptech is – take a look at the diagram for the newest lingo and market landscape. Real estate will no longer be 10 years behind in technological innovation. Though, these new changes will present challenges in the form of upfront costs, growing pains, and implementation complications for landlords and managers alike. Virtual tours and property management software do begin not scrape the surface rather they present “taste” of the future. In this series we will begin by covering the following topics and the impact on the multifamily industry.


– Landlord management

– Virtual Reality Tours

– Smart Properties enabled by IoT

– Investor Relations

– Financing and Appraisals

– Investing & Transaction management

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