Residential evictions banned through December. What you need to know.


Last week the CDC via a public heath order halted residential evictions through 2020 for qualifying tenants. The rational being that stability in housing assists in protecting public health. Residents who make under $99,000 per year or those who received the federal stimulus check earlier this summer must file an official form with their landlord. Property owners can still proceed with evictions that involve issues aside from non-payment. There has yet to be any official guidance for landlords who have non-paying tenants through the end of the year. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have only extended foreclosure and eviction moratoriums in single family mortgages only. This motion from has drawn criticism from the National Multifamily Housing Council as they point out the financial distress for property owners. Stay tuned for additional guidance and information as this policy continues to evolve.

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