What is Clubhouse and What Does it Mean For Real Estate?


Clubhouse is an invite only audio networking platform that allows invited users to listen in on live chats and join industry and sector specific clubs. ie: A Real Estate Investing Club. The platform is part-podcast, part-conference, part-webinar. Though, unlike podcasts and some conferences, the chats are all transient, nothing is recorded/saved for future listening. Clubhouse has been gaining tremendous traction among entrepreneurs, investors, and those in the tech industry. During the COVID era this is now a new way to re-engage in networking activities, participate in investment discussions, and learn from industry leaders.


Tips for Real Estate Investors:

1. Start your own “Club”

a.Create Q&A Sessions

b. Interview Other Investors

2. Join Existing Real Estate Related and/or investing clubs

3. Join conversations in markets you invested in.

4. Follow other real estate investors. Clubhouse and what does it mean for Real Estate?


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