Engineer Turned Real Estate Investor: The Inspiring Journey of Chris Lento


In a compelling feature on The Hero Show, host Richard Matthews welcomed Chris Lento, the innovative force behind EM Capital. Chris discussed his multifamily investment company’s approach, emphasizing their dual focus on investors and residents. EM Capital acquires 100 to 300-unit apartment buildings in the Southeast, partnering with investors to raise capital and hire third-party property management. They prioritize resident engagement, creating strong communities, which in turn, enhances investment stability. Lento highlighted the importance of transparency, continuous learning, and maintaining a disciplined acquisition strategy, despite market challenges. He also stressed the significance of educating potential investors about alternative investment opportunities beyond Wall Street.


Key Highlights:

  • Company Focus: EM Capital invests in 100 to 300-unit apartment buildings in the Southeast, targeting areas with job and population growth.
  • Dual-Customer Approach: Lento views both investors and residents as customers, ensuring resident satisfaction to enhance investment stability.
  • Community Building: Monthly resident events, like dog costume contests and wine and cheese gatherings, foster community and encourage long-term residency.
  • Market Challenges: Despite aiming for growth, EM Capital faced acquisition difficulties in 2023 due to economic volatility but remained disciplined in their investment criteria.
  • Transparency and Honesty: Core principles for Lento, ensuring trust and clear communication with investors.
  • Continuous Learning: Lento advocates for curiosity and ongoing education to adapt and thrive in the real estate market.
  • Alternative Investments: Lento aims to raise awareness about non-Wall Street-based financial instruments, offering better returns and diversification.


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