Mastering Real Estate Investment: Insights from Chris Lento


In the episode of The DJE Podcast, host Devin Elder is joined by Chris Lento, the visionary founder of EM Capital Group and a former aerospace engineer. It offers an in-depth exploration of real estate investing, chronicling Chris’ journey from his early investments in three-story houses in Boston to his strategic diversification into various markets.


Key Highlights:

  • Initial Investments to Strategic Expansion: Chris started with investments in three-story houses in Boston. Expanded into diverse markets with a focus on building a robust portfolio.
  • Importance of Relationships and Deal Flow Management: Emphasized building strong relationships with brokers. Discussed managing increasing deal flow and transitioning from personal investments to large-scale capital raising initiatives.
  • Professional Approach and Systematic Processes: Highlighted the need for a professional approach in investment management. Utilized systematic processes and solid partnerships for successful deals.
  • Scaling Real Estate Investments: Advantages of larger deals, including higher quality properties, superior management, and larger profits compared to smaller ventures like house flipping. Stability and sophistication in the commercial multifamily sector.
  • Transition from W2 Employee to Business Owner: Discussed the adaptability required to manage variable income. Multifaceted role of a small business owner and the personal growth it fosters.
  • Current Market Dynamics: Uncertainty surrounding interest rates and its impact on deal negotiations. Strategies to address fluctuations, such as assuming existing debts at lower rates and pursuing longer-term debt structures.
  • Future Expansion Plans: Focus on venturing into industrial properties to capitalize on trends like e-commerce growth and onshoring.
  • Investment Structures at EM Capital Group: Overview of typical investment structures, including preferred returns and profit-sharing arrangements. Adapting strategies in response to evolving market conditions in real estate investment.


The episode provides listeners with valuable insights into the world of real estate investing, highlighting the strategic approaches and professional practices that contribute to success in this field.

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