From Aerospace to Apartments


In the segment of the Taking The Leap into Commercial Real Estate podcast hosted by Angel and Brittany Gonzalez, the episode delved into Chris’ journey from Aerospace engineering to managing a multifamily investment company with over 600 units.

Chris Lento’s journey from aerospace engineer to successful real estate investor highlights his perseverance and adaptability. Starting in Boston, he transitioned to real estate, driven by a desire for greater freedom and impact. Over the past six years, his company, EM Capital, has grown significantly, focusing on mid-market multifamily properties in the Southeastern U.S. His story offers valuable lessons for aspiring real estate investors.


Key Highlights:

  • Career Transition: From aerospace engineering to real estate investment.
  • Initial Investments: Began with smaller apartment complexes post-college, funded by a loan from his father.
  • Strategic Shift: Moved from hands-on property management to asset management, allowing for scalable growth.
  • Market Focus: Targets areas with population and job growth in the Southeastern U.S.
  • Property Management: Emphasizes the importance of experienced and knowledgeable property managers.
  • Future Vision: Plans to expand into industrial real estate, driven by onshoring manufacturing and e-commerce growth.
  • Community Commitment: Active involvement with Bay Cove Human Services, serving on the board of directors.
  • Advice for New Investors: Find the right partners, understand personal motivations, and embrace both successes and challenges as growth opportunities.


Remember, success in real estate is not just about wide networks but deep, meaningful relationships.

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