From Corporate Constraints to Real Estate Freedom


In a recent episode of Break Your Golden Handcuffs hosted by David McIlwaine, Chris Lento, founder of EM Capital, shared his journey from a 17-year corporate career in the defense industry to becoming a successful real estate investor. Chris discussed the constraints of corporate life, his desire for more control and flexibility, and how real estate provided the freedom and growth opportunities he craved. He also highlighted the strategic approach of EM Capital, focusing on emerging markets and leveraging partnerships to scale the business.


Key Highlights:

  • Corporate Constraints: Chris experienced the “golden handcuffs” of a stable but limiting corporate job, where compensation was market-based rather than performance-based.
  • Real Estate Beginnings: Intrigued by the potential of multifamily properties, Chris started investing in real estate right out of college, building a portfolio in Boston.
  • Embracing Syndication: Chris realized the potential of syndication to grow his portfolio faster by raising outside capital and partnering with others.
  • Testing New Markets: Chris expanded his investments to emerging markets, leveraging third-party management to free up his time and focus on strategic growth.
  • Key Lessons:
    • Who Not How: Leveraging the expertise of others is more effective than trying to do everything yourself.
    • Invest Beyond Your Backyard: Emerging markets can offer better opportunities than local investments.
    • Third-Party Management: Professional management is crucial for freeing up time and ensuring efficient property maintenance.


Chris Lento’s story is a testament to breaking free from corporate constraints and achieving financial independence through strategic real estate investing.

Connect with Us:

At EM Capital, Chris continues to help investors reach their financial goals by focusing on emerging markets and leveraging expert partnerships.

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